Leave the door open and enjoy the fresh air without fear of bugs entering...

Completely prevent mosquitoes, spiders, moths, flies, bugs and other flying insects from going into the room.

Payment on Delivery, Free Nationwide Delivery!!!

Here is your total solution to keep mosquitoes and other bugs out of your homes, hospitals, hotels, hostels etc., even with your door wide open... It is safer to use than spraying insecticides in your room(s). It is also economical and easier than other methods of killing insects. Great on wooden doors, Perfect on metal doors. Suitable for single doors, sliding doors or caravan doors. Easy to put together, no tools required. Folds up for easy storage.

Seamlessly close: magnets sewn, the middle seam of the screen door is strategically lined with powerful magnetic cubes and magnetic strips that allow the door to open easily, silently and close seamlessly. And be assured to start seeing results within the next 14 days.

ACTUAL PRICE: ₦14,000Naira

TODAY’S PROMO PRICE (With discount): ₦12,000 only!!!


If you do not have the money for the Product or you know you are not ready to buy or will not be available to recieve the Product within the next 1-3 Working days, Please kindly do not Fill The Order Form Below.

We Spend alot of Money on Advert and Delivery and incure losses on every Unserious Customer who Fill the Order Form when they are not ready.


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